The new and major updates in free fire

The new and major updates in free fire

The new and major updates in free fire

Free fire is going to launch new update in the game which will be available to all the players. And this update is known as kapella patch , named after the new character kapella. The update will provide new character , new rank mode ,modification in some weapons and so on.

When the latest update will be released in free fire

The new and major updates in free fire

Free fire is going to release its new updates on Wednesday 8 April. Which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

What’s new in the update.

1. Class squad will come with a rank mode

The players enjoy playing classic mode , and class squad is another favourite mode of players. Clash squad will come with its own rank mode.

2. New character kapella

Kapella will be the newest character in free fire . She is a singer  kpop band and has skills
that can increase the effectiveness of healing items.  She has the ability to increase the healing effects on you and your allies while reducing the rate of being bled out when one of the teammates is knocked down.

3. About new gun thompson.

It is SMG gun which is especially designed for short and the mid range . It has large mazines of 40 ammos.

4. Stats adjustment of mp5

Indian new update free fire the developers has to improve its performance because it is is not used by many players in free fire. These are the new update:
Rate of fire: +25%

Accuracy: +7%

Movement Speed while shooting: +20%

Effective Range: +13%

Removed the grip attachment slot

Precise shots first 3->6

5. State adjustment of Ump

Unep is another gun same as MP5 and performs well earlier. But it falls of suddenly due to its low effectiveness against armour.
Show the developer thought to bring new changes in this gun. These are the changes.

Damage: +1

Minimum Damage: +5

Armor penetration: +25%

Recoil: -25%

Movement Speed: +15%

Range: -5%

6. State adjustment of M1887.

It is best shotgun in free fire. It has high damage and low reload time . Due to which it becomes a operpowered gun . So the developers thought to reduce its power . These are new updates.
Armor Penetration: +6%

Rate of Fire: +4%

Reload: -30%

Min. Damage: -1

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