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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Galaxy Note 20 announcement is close at hand and, if rumours are correct, its retail launch won’t be too far behind. The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra have been an open book for some time now. We know almost everything there’s to know about the handset which includes its specs and how it looks courtesy of Samsung themselves. But still, there are a few mysteries about the handsets and one of them is the price.

Earlier this year, Samsung literally shocked everyone when they revealed the prices of the Galaxy S20 variants that starts from $999for the S20 to $1400 for the S20 Ultra. As expected it drew a lot of criticism from literally everyone including their loyal fan base which consequently resulted in lackluster sales of all the Galaxy S20 variants.

So you would expect Samsung to learn from their mistake and going forward make sure to price their handsets sensibly so that this doesn’t happen again. But apparently they learned nothing..In fact,Samsung is going even higher. Tech maniacs which is a popular greek website has obtained the European prices of the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra and also the released ate.

They say it’s from a very reliable source. By the way, Tech maniacs are the one who leaked quit a lot of Galaxy Note 10 features last year which all turned out to be true so if they are saying it’s from a very reliable source then there’s no reason not to believe them. Anyway, first up the Galaxy Note 20 will retail at €1,249 in Greece. To give you some comparison the Galaxy Note10 was priced at €999 in Greece when it launched last year. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, on the other hand,is going to retail at a massive €1,499 in Greece.

That is higher than both the Galaxy Note 10+and S20 Ultra, the Note 10+ was launched at €1,149, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra at €1,399in the country. By the way, Most of the other European countries should be able to get these handsets at a lower price tag, almost 50 Euros less than the prices for Greece. Now, converting these prices into US dollars doesn’t make sense because of the different tax rates.

But it does give us a key takeaway here that Samsung is not dropping the prices instead they are raising them. If I were to purely guess how much the Note20 Ultra is going to cost in the US based on these Greece prices, I would say $1449which is ridiculous, on every level. During this pandemic where people are literally losing their jobs, where businesses of many people have been cut in half, you would expect them to think about the market condition right now and price it accordingly.

But that’s not happening. If these prices are actually true then Samsung is pricing themselves into irrelevancy, at least in their flagship segment where only the most tech-obsessed will buy these phones at these prices which by the way is showing in the sales report of the Galaxy S20 series where the sales have been cut in half compared to the S10.

Yes, part of that is due to the pandemic but mostly it’s due to the high prices. It actually baffles me that on one hand Samsung is ridiculously increasing the prices year over year and then there’s Apple who by the way , has a bad name for charging insane prices, is actually dropping the prices or at least keeping it the same. The iPhone 12 Pro and Max will cost the same as last year or there will be at max $50 increase even with 5G. It feels like the roles are reversed.

Anyway, they’ve also revealed the price of the Galaxy Fold 2 in Greece and it’s 2199 euros. If I were to guess it should be at least $2000in the US, probably even more. There go the rumours of cheaper prices for the Galaxy Fold 2 down in the toilets.


With that being said, let me know what do you think down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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