One plus 7 pro review | In-Depth full review and my opinion

One plus 7 pro review | In-Depth full review

when I first heard strong rumours about oneplus making a budget for last year I completely aboard the idea.  I always wanted  one plus to go and make an all-out flagship cell great cameras.  in fact I even tweeted about looks like someone at one place has been stalking me okay maybe that might be stretching things a little too far but the result of that is the new oneplus 7 Pro.

l wouldn’t have in my wildest ofimaginations expected oneplus to make the display the USP of one of its flagship smartphones.  well we have the oneplus 7 pro for that now the six point six seven inch ninety Hertz fluid AMOLED qhd+ panel on the oneplus 7 pro is a treat for the sore eyes this is not the first time that we are seeing higher fresh rate displays on a phone.

but what was exclusively limited togaming phones like the asus rog phone or the razor phone – has now trickled down to a mainstream flagship and I’m really glad that that has happened because the difference in daily usage experience is palpable unfortunately though I really cannot translate that experience for you guys but I merely because even if we could shoot 90 FPS videos YouTube cannot playback at 90 FPS. and secondly even if YouTube could playback at 90 FPS you guys need a monitor with90 Hertz refresh rate to view the smoothness in action.  but I can definitely show you the difference in frame rate so in scrolling the same appointment on the oneplus 60 and the 1 + 7 Pro.  you just really have to see it in real life to believe it the motion blur is vastly reduced. and this is something that Ireally really want Apple to implement in the iPhone this year.

By the way that’s not the only new thing about the display though the display is now curved likethe Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus or the Huawei P 30 Pro.  but there is nopractical use of the curve like the galaxy s 10 plus where you have an edgepanel although the curved edge does light up when a notification comes inthat said I couldn’t find a way to turn it off.  if you ask me though I’m not abig fan of these curved edges because you can actually notice the discoloration at the edge.  oh and let’s not forget that curving the display increases the area of impact during a fall and there are chances that the phone can break easily.  anyway curved displace are cool and makes the phone look more premium so I guess oneplus had to go for it.  as adistinguishing factor in its pro variant of the oneplus 7 series the display isprotected with a layer of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6 on top of it and another layer of a horrendous screen protector which you must remove and throw in the dust bin. what I like about the display settings is that’s witch between vivid natural and custom color palettes.  but taking it further inside the custom setting you can also change the color profile to ntsc DCI p3or srgb color spaces such flexibility is not available in many other smartphones. you can also change the screen resolution to qhd+ or F HD plus but by default it is set to auto resolution.  which means that it switches betweenqhd+ and F HD Plus.  on the fly obviously you also get HDR support which is probably why 1 plus s pre-installed netflix with the phone moreover you also get wideband l1 certification for seamless HD streaming.

the display on asmartphone is what pulls you into the experience and the 1 plus 7 throat definitely does not disappoint in this regard.  then I say this the 1plus 7 Pro could be the best display on an Android flagship yet having said that the Galaxy S 10 plus is definitely better because it’s got more brightness and punchier colors as well even HDR 10 plus support is definitely an added advantage.  but you know, what guys do you remember Will Smith from the movie hitchwell he was a smooth son of a gun wasn’t he.  well the 1 plus 7 Pro is Will Smith’s character from hitch personified,  although I don’t know if it will landyou tricks though you’re out on your own for that watching videos on the full screen notch list.


one plus seven throw is a delight couple that with the supremely narrow bezels you will also want to use the phone and not your TV for your favorite shows on Netflix.  and hot stuff further more 1 plus s added stereospeakers now.  so the massive earpiece slit on the top bezel functions as aloud speakers working in conjunction with the bottom firing speaker.  these speakersare further enhanced by the Dolby Atmos support. you’d get on the phone for suchtiny speaker drivers Atmos literally means nothing having said that the speakers do sound good maybe not pixel or iPhone grade but they come really close but the headphone jack gone you will have to depend on a dongle for your3.5 mm accessories. but oneplus doesn’t bundle one in the box may that doesn’t bundle a pair of earphones. this is a major letdown if you ask me however I did try the sound quality through the 1 / 60 s dongle and it was pretty good.  the wireless audio performance was great too with the new one plus bullets Wireless -that uses the act X codec for streaming.  by the way if you have a pair of L Dec wireless headphones like the Sony WH thousand x m3 you’re gonna get an even better sound ,because the 1 / 7 Pro supports Sony’s proprietary high resolution codec all in all the multimedia experience on the 1 + 7 Pro is second to none and this is easily one of the major reasons why I’d recommend a1 + 7 Pro over many other flagships out there.

if you look at it closely the design IDof the one plus seven pro feels like a mash-up of different smartphones likethe oneplus 60 the Samsung Galaxy S ten plus and the vivo NEX the one plus seven pro is similar to the Galaxy S 10 plus.  when it comes to the curved front claspfrom the rear except for the triple camera setup it looks a lot like the oneplus 60 and yes the popper selfie camera has been passed down from the next which his made by vivo a sister company of oneplus from the BBK family but all ofit together looks cohesive and super premium the nebula blue variant looks attractive and the best part is that it is a matte finishunlike glossy back smartphones like the oneplus 60.

for example the fingerprintsare not immediately visible on the phone by the way the pop art selfie cameralooks damn cool .and it is genuinely functional it can also be used for face unlock and it works extremely fast. however it will reduce the lifespan of the module.  if you use it often so I’d suggest against using face lock in anycase it doesn’t work well in the dark and that’s fine because the newin-display fingerprint scanner is SuperDuper fast. it unlocks in a jiffy however the pop art selfie camera adds to the girth of the phone and this iswhere the design takes a hit the ergonomics are fine for a big phone butit is just too big in my opinion using the phone with one hand is not easy. also the 206 gram weight of the phone makes it super heavy .I couldn’t play pubG for an hour straight without hurting my wrist this is a massive phone mind you and if a big man like me finds it unwieldy to handle people with smallerhands I’ve gotta find this really annoying to use with one hand in comparison the galaxy s 10 plus is big as well but it is lightweight at 175grams.

you know what big phones need to be lighter that’s the take away from here also considering it has a fairly thick 8.8 mm profile the camera bump on the rear could have been easily avoided, but the alert slider has now moved slightly lower making it easier to reach.  I think this is one of my most often used features on the phone moving on I’d be doing in justice to this review.  if Ididn’t talk about the haptic feedback engine on the oneplus 7 proit’s really really good.  now it is almost up there with the pixel 3xl and th iPhone tennis max there are times when the vibration motor fails especially when two apps need to ping the phone for vibration feedback. example if you’rescrolling through the a drawer using the alphabet handle on the right edge you can feel the phone vibrating when you land on each alphabet. it feels so darned good but if a message pops up at the same time the vibration motor fails on certain occasions I think one plus just has to code the software properly otherwise the vibration feedback that you get while typing or in a game like pub G is just next-level when you pull the trigger in any gun in pubsey you can feel the vibration at the trigger icon.  it just enhances the gaming experience by leaps and bounds you can also feel the vibration feedback when you are straightening the image using the Edit feature in the default keep galley app.

One plus 7 pro review | In-Depth full review

if I there are many scenarios like this you will keep stumbling upon italso works when you use the optical fingerprint scanner Un surprisingly to reduce the price of the phone.  oneplus hasn’t gone for an IP certification this time around as well but oneplus claims that you can actually dunk this phone in a bucket of water having said that the peace of mind that it get with the IP certification relating on force like the galaxy s 10 plus and the p30 proactually make you want to take it into a swimming pool and dunk it .

I’m not so sure that you can do that with the oneplus 7 pro the one plus seven protons on oxygen OSnine point five point two based on Android Pi.  it is running on the April one security patch oxygen OS is the most polished Android skin that doesn’t take away from the essence of stock Android. it continues to be my favorite Android operating system even more than stock Android because the additional features are extremely useful  example I really love the dark theme and the fact that you can have custom color accents also the flexibility to change the grid sizes and icon packs is super useful too having said that the oneplus 7 pro brings a few new features in the new build and they are all pretty cool the new Zen mode is genuinely useful.  it shuts down the phone for 20 minutes sothat you can spend time with your loved ones you cannot cancel Zen mode once you activate.  it you can only make calls notifications are shut off and you can only use the camera app. I actually used the Zen mode on a dinner date with my wife and we had a legitimate conversation for once we as a nation really need to cut down on our time with the phone drastically.  well I find it difficult because it is an occupational hazard what is your reason gaming mode has been improved to include a fanatic mode now for those who don’t know fanatic is a professional eSports organization with players from across the world competing in popular eSport tournaments of games like Counter Strike League of Legends, and more now this mode will be appreciated by gamers apart from optimizing the performance of the GPU and CPU.  it also puts the phone in an advanced DND mode furthermore the haptic feedback improvements in a game like pub G. and actually applied in this mode these are legit improvements,  and I genuinely use the fanatic mode while playing pub G.  you also get a new screen recorder that is extremely mini and easy to use.

for the first time on a one plus smartphone you get a triple camera setup on the real what you get is a 48megapixel Sony I mx-5 with six sensor with an F by 1.6 aperture lens and 8megapixel Tele photo sensor that can do 3x loss less zoom,  and a dedicated 16 MP wide-angle camera with a 116 degree field of view there’s also the 16 MPselfie camera in the pop-out module.  the camera app is mostly the same with well laid out modes but you get the additional toggles to switch on the wide-angle and telephoto to lenses.  additionally you now get a few notifications to ensure that you don’t damage the papad selfie camera. firstly if you drop the phone while taking a selfie the phone detects the fall using the gyroscope and the selfie module quickly retracts ensuring that you don’tbreak it.  and secondly if you open and close it too often you get a pop-up that requests you not to do that. and finally if you push it manually with your finger the phone asks you to the frame come into the pictures themselves .

I have adetailed comparison with flagship phones that include the pixel 3 Excel iPhone10s Macs and the samsung galaxy s 10 plus .however let me break down my findings for you,  the primary rear camera takes great landscape shots with crisp details but as usual it suffers from the oversaturation syndrome that plagues oneplus phones.  in fact faces look soft in selfies as well I like the color tones of faces in selfies but the crisp details are missing close-up shots arereplete with fine details that look stunning .the camera does struggle with xposure in warmer settings as the final image ends up looking like someone infused.  the picture with jaundice the telephoto camera is useful for a closercrop and the color reproduction is identical to the main camera,  but I could notice some noise at closer crop the wide-angle camera is another useful addition but the images look soft the fixed focus is also an issue. unfortunately you can’t shoot videos with the wide-angle camera interestingly though you can shoot videos with a telephoto or switch when you’re shooting using the regular camera.

Talking about videos the image stabilization and the picture quality are great in 4k video recording  however I find it annoyingthat the 1 plus 7 Pro has the same red face issue that ,I encountered in the p30Pro 1080p video looks great sound recording is good but still not flagship grade unfortunately the low-light shots by default are noisy and look average but the night scape mode is a marked improvementover the oneplus 60 and it looks. it really really crisp it, looks almost as good as pixels Nightside and that is saying a lot but,  if you want the best low-light shots it is better to stick with the Huawei P 30 Pro because the night scape still works only with landscape shots and close-ups in low-light are not going to be drastically different.  finally you can also shoot 48 megapixel images using the pro mode that said the details in the JPEG are not as impressive as a results. I achieved with a phone like the view 20 having said that you can shoot in Raw and may be make a better photo with post-processing using Light room.  the on thing that the oneplus 7 pro needed in order to be the best flagship out there was actually pixel great cameras like I mentioned at the start of the review but unfortunately oneplus falls short yet, again honestly there is a lot of room for improvement in the oneplus 8 Pro,  and honestly I wouldn’t mind one plus spending more money on R&D,  and you know increasing the price a little more but giving you the best camera experience out there having said that here’s something that should excite the thinkers.  the oneplus 7 pro has camera 2 app support out of the box obviously there is no official port yet for the oneplus7 pro but i tried our doors version of the app that worked for the 1 plus 6 and it worked fine except for one glitch. the selfie cameras images were broken.  anyway the difference in image quality and color processing is night and day Iabsolutely love how the pictures look from the G cam port,  I’m sure that someone will be able to make a proper stable build for the oneplus 7 pro and that could make this phone the unbeatable flagship.

The 1 plus 7 pro is the first phone with snapdragon 855 that we’ve had the pleasure of testing .in fact even the other specs are excellent the 1 plus 7 pro starts at 6 gigs of ram  and goes upto a whopping 12 gigs. we got the highest variant with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB offast flash storage using the new FS 3.0 Tulane file system note this before the1 + 7 pro only the Samsung Galaxy fold came with you FS 3.0 storage with you FS3.0.  we now have Android phones in the touching distance of the iPhone Tenacemax.  when it comes to storage performance in the add row bench run the 1 + 7 Pro achieved read/write speeds of 1440 3 MB per second and 385 mb/s per second respectively  the read speed is lower than the iPhone 10s max which is thefastest wave recorded till date which was 1519 mb/s per second but the write speed is higher than even the iPhone Tenace max which had hit 236 mb/s per second in our testing.   ok these are just numbers and what does that mean for the end user well all of this grant is required for the phone to run system-wide animations UI FX and app scrolling at a smooth and 90 FPS speed  so that it syncs with the 90 Hertz display on the phone the oneplus 7 pro is undoubtedly as a result the fastest and the smoothest Android flagship I have tested till date and with 12 gigs of RAM apps and even high-end games stay. in memory for longer than you would actually want to the raw performance on offer here is phenomenal .it shows in the excellent daily performance.  what you see on your screen right now is a handy comparison of the anta 2 and Geek benchscores of the best Android phones we’ve tested till date and the iPhone tennismax the oneplus 7 pro is among the best phones for high quality Triple A mobile titles.  I ran the game bench test in pub G at these settings which is HD or ultra FPS anti-aliasing on and shadows on I played the game for 62 minutes and I gota median FPS of 40 with 98% stability.  moreover it just went from 36 degrees to39 degrees staying under the 40 degree mark even when actual temperature in Delhi and CR was at 40 degrees the new 10 layer liquid cooling really does a good job up until now everything about the daily performance and gaming has been hunky-dory.

One plus 7 pro review | In-Depth full review

wait for it there is one problem though what less didn’t share a list of games that support the 90 Hertzdisplay which means that these games have to be unlocked by the developers to run at 90 fps. so I took a list of games from the other phones like the lg phone and the razor phone – for some odd reason not a single game crossed 60fps not Super Mario run darkness rises way in glory, Real Racing 3 or the many other games that played at higher frame rates on the ROG phone or the razor phone.  – infact even in a game like FZ 9 time shift that lets you change the FPS setting to200 FPS the 1 + 7 Pro was capped at 90 fps.  it was completely baffling considering there was no game that could make use of the smoothness offered bythe 90 Hertz display .well I did ask oneplus about this issue and at the time of shooting this review oneplus hadn’t whitelisted any games to run above 60FPS on the oneplus 7th row because they were testing for heating issues and battery performance issues as well.  maybe by the time this phone goes on retailand you guys get your hands on.  it there could be a bunch of games which support90 FPS and as a result 90 Hertz smoothness on this display. I will definitely update this review and maybe mention it in the comments.

once we get an update from oneplus themselves for the duration of the review I used the 1 / 7 throw on a Gio and 8l connection and I faced no network issuesor called Rob issues at all the one-play 7 Pro supports dual voltage as well theearpiece sounds good – nothing much to complain really the 4G data was stable as well and there were no connectivity issues like when I faced with the samsung Galaxy S 10 II or the Galaxy S 10 plus. the Wi-Fi connectivity was stable and the speeds were good – it is no surprise then that oneplus actually had to increase the battery capacity of the oneplus 7 pro.  you now get 4000 mAhbattery inside the phone and you get 30 watt walk charge technology on the oneplus 7 pro which is actually ported from the McLaren edition of the phone but you still don’t get wireless charging.  well why just why oneplus Imean just do it already I’m not asking for wireless reverse charge am i withthe charger I could charge the battery from 0 to 100 in 1 hour and 43 minutes on an average this is noticeably slower than the 50 watt fast charging that youget on phones like the Huawei P 30 Pro anyway to assess the battery life on theoneplus 7 pro accurately we have to take a look at the display settings minutely. why primarily because 90 Hertz the fresh rate can actually suck the life out of the battery see. what I did there in my testing I got a screen on time of4 hours and 37 minutes with the display resolution set to qhd+ and the refresh rate set to 90 Hertz this is the highest setting mind you the phone lasted me a little more than half a day in this first battery run this got me worried. now you can also drop the refresh rate to 60 Hertz and use auto resolutionwhere it can switch between fht plus and qhd+ resolutions on the flyI got a screen on time of 6 hours and 23 minutes and more than a day’s worth of battery juice that’s great ,but you do lose out on the smoothness in the UIwhich is a letdown.  I ran another scenario where I reduce the resolutionto F HD + + at 90 Hertz refresh it,  and the screen on time was 5 hoursand 22 minutes which is not too bad we can work with this in my final test Ican the display at Auto resolution and 90 Hertz now basically you can pick and choose the display settings on your 1 + 7 Pro to actually save battery or you know to run through battery according to your use case scenario.  for example on aweekend you are sitting back at home relaxing and playing a couple of games of pub G you can actually push it to qHD resolution and 90 Hertz refresh rate the flexibility is available for you and honestly.  I wouldn’t worry too much aboutthe battery life on the 1 + 7 Pro because there are multiple settings available for it and it runs good all I can think of is the company that was known for making flagship killer smartphones has gone ahead and made a killer flagship smartphone.

it has everything that you could ask for from aqhd+ display two stereo speakers oneplus is actually listening to its corecommunity I really liked the phone despite all its quirks like. for example the fact that it doesn’t have wireless charging one plus you went and made at all our flagship,  but you didn’t think of violence charging coil was essential also you know what you could have made this phone a tad smaller and lighter just saying.  anyway this phone is going to be an easy recommendation for me in 2019.  in fact if it weren’t for this jobI would probably pick one up for myself as well the oneplus 7 pro is actually that polished a flagship smartphone but how does it compare to the other polished flagship products let’s get down to it. the best smartphone for photography in my opinion the Huawei P 30 proof .it’s a good phone – however the 1 / 7 pro is better in many areas  I believe the qhd+ 90 hurts not free display is better than the p30 pros F HDPlus teardrop notch panel you also get better performance from the1 + 7 Pro and an infinitely better software experience ,but yes the ergonomics of the p30 Pro are definitely better .and you get wireless charging plus IP certification and that’s it.  I might still pick the 1 / 7 Pro over thep30 Pro.

if I were buying the phone the pixel 3 Excel continues to be one of my favourite phones from last year with an excellent set of cameras.  yes the p30 Pro might have technically better cameras but I’d still go for the pixel 3 XL formy go-to everyday shooter.  this is the reason why I still have one with me at all times the pixel three XL however doesn’t hold a candle to the 1 / 7 Pro when it comes to the display or the performance moreover the battery life on the pixel 3 XL has always been a pain point for me. That’s definitely not the case with the 1 + 7 Pro the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus is by far the most well-rounded flagship phone this year making it one of thehighest rated phones here.  at mister phone from the camera performance to the display quality to the reverse wireless charging the Galaxy S still + has something for everyone.

it looks and behaves premium if you are considering the 1 + 7 pro over the galaxy s 10 plus the only tangible benefit could be the 90 Hertz display,  otherwise the galaxy s 10 plus aSnapdragon 855 area’d is really a great Buy not. so much the Exynos one because the battery life and the performance are both underpowered which means in India the 1 + 7 Pro still has a fighting chance against the galaxy s 10 plus at the time of.

this review I have no handle on the prices of the 1 + 7 throw the only indication that I have is from Asia another Wall Street has generally been pretty good,  but I don’t want to base my judgment on a lead price having said that I know that 1 + will prize.  it sensibly and if it’s gonna be more expensive than the 1 + 60 don’t outrage, it’s fine the 1 + 7 Pro is going to be more expensive to round it up.   I feel that the 1 + 7 Pro is a gamble that has paid off for the company there is already a lot of chatter for the 1 + 7 Pro even before launch,  and I’m sure that the buzz will continue but should you buy the phone or not well the answer to that question is  if you’re considering the 1 + 7 Pro my answer is a really sounding yes.  well that’s it from me a shot  see you in the next article goodbye and Godspeed my friends.


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