LG is Making Stretchable phone | Full Specification

LG is Making Stretchable Mobile

LG is Making Stretchable mobile

Welcome ,  you are watching LG is creating a stretchable display. LG is a South korean multinational company in the world of technology, which is working on stretchable display right now. and they say that by 2024, they will create micro LED stretchable display. This job is given to LG by the south korean government so that they make the stretchable display panel. LG will lead those 21 companies which are selected to work on this project by the south korean government’s ministry of trade, industry and energy.

The aim of this project is to make such a display which can be slightly twisted. By doing so, the life of the mobile phones, tablets, billboards and other things that contain LED displays will increase Longibility by 20% and it is obvious, whichever company will prepare it first, will make more profit. I would, for sure, like to buy a cell phone with a stretchable display. Those with kids, know it well, that their phone screens are damaged above all. Currently, Samsung is offering foldable screen in market, but that screen is absolutely not full stretchable. So, we have to wait for these stretchable screens till 2024.


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