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OnePlus Nord flagship killer | full information

Oneplus Nord New updates

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus is a relatively young company compared to a number of other mobile tech giants in the market, but this China-based company managed to rise extremely fast thanks to releasing extremely compelling flagship-grade smartphones at affordable price tags.

The company has been using the “Never Settle”motto from the start. It has managed to sell quite a few devices to date, and establish itself as one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the market. The first OnePlus phone — the OnePlus One— cost a mere $300 back in 2014, and it was a bargain compared to the $650 price tag of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other competitors. But As smartphone prices rise, so have thecost of OnePlus phones.

The recent OnePlus 8 Pro starts at $900 forthe 8GB RAM variant and a massive $1000 for the 12GB variant. So many believe that OnePlus is no longer a flagship killer smartphone maker, but a flagship maker company. But the CEO of OnePlus recently said that the company will shift its strategy to go back to making cheap smartphones. Obviously, OnePlus didn’t mention anything by name, but we know that he was talking about the OnePlus Nord aka the OnePlus Z.

The handset has been leaked several times at this point and it’s expected to launch sometime in July with a much more affordable packages. Speaking of the affordable package, Up untilnow we didn’t know how OnePlus is going to price this handset but a recent tweet by OnePlus and it’s co-founder suggest that they are pricing it surprisingly low. Carl Pie as well as the official OnePlus Twitter account has shared a new tweet with a link to an older tweet by OnePlus from 2014 whenthe company launched their first phone, the OnePlus One which was launched at $299 for the base variant and $350 for the highest variant.

This lead to many big publications to believe that the OnePlus Nord could be priced at $299 as well. This makes sense considering OnePlus did are cent survey where it was asking it’s users if they are willing to spend about 25000 INR for these specifications. If you don’t know already these are the exact specifications the OnePlus Nord is expected to come with, that includes the Snapdragon765G, 90Hz of screen refresh rate, 30W of fast warp charging, 4300mAh battery, a 6.5″FHD+ super AMOLED display, a triple camera system, in-display fingerprint scanner and 6GB RAM that goes all the way up to 12GB.

If you convert 25000 INR in the US dollars,that’s about $325. So speculating it could cost $299 based on this tweet, makes total sense. Google’s upcoming Pixel 4a is also expected to start at $299 which will be powered by the Snapdragon 730 processor. So on paper at least, the OnePlus Nord looks more appealing than the Pixel 4a or any other mid-rangers around. At a time like this, the world doesn’t need more expensive phones, but more affordable options, OnePlus should stand out in a sea of phones not just with cutting edge features, but with the price too and thankfully The OnePlus Nord is stepping in at the perfect time.


OnePlus Nord is expected to launch this handset on July 10th in India but it’s being reported that the release in markets like the US, And Europe will happen at a later date. Of course with that being said, thank you for reading, love you all.

Poco m2 pro budget smartphones | full information

Poco m2 pro

Poco M2 pro a new budget smartphone

Poco m2 pro


Hi!, on July 7, Poco – sincere entry independent subdivision of Xiaomi, has launched new device. It’s bee few months after Poco F2 Pro hit the shelves as a successor to one of the most impressive Android smartphones in 2018. Poco now announced M2 Pro model, super affordable, low mid-range phone, with some interesting specs.

This phone seems like Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro alternative, a budget device also from Xiaomi. Well, this is not a low-cost premium device that could be considered as potential iPhone SE challenger. That’s the status of Poco F2 Pro model. M2 is still worthy attempt by Xiaomi sub brand,to deliver overall capable phone for low-end segment of the market.

In Apple Guard episode 3, it’s time to take a first look, the first glance at Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro smartphone, right after intro! Hi guys and welcome to Digital Markings Channel. My name is Marko and this is your weekly fix of tech news, leaks,rumours and opinions. Everything about Apple and their competitors. Well, in this case,Xiaomi,  Poco – Poco, Xiaomi. If you’re fond of this type of content, please, subscribe.And don’t forget to hit notification bell so you don’t miss the next video.Visually identical to Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, Poco M2 is coming in three colors – out of the blue, green and greener and two shades of black.

Now, why do I have the impression this color naming madness started with Google Pixel? It comes with the plastic frame – so no, it’s not aluminum, it’s not stainless steel -just plastic, with the glass on the front and on the back. It doesn’t have a water nor dust resistance, just water repellant coating – whatever that’s supposed to mean?Well, it does support fast charging and comes with 33 watts superfast charger,included in the box – you can recharge up to to 90 or 95% of battery in around 30minutes. As expected it doesn’t have support for wireless charger.

it may not come with the best possible specs, but what really stands out, in case of this device, is battery longevity. With 5000 mAh of battery capacity, combined with power efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G, this phone with some decent usage and if you’re not doing a lot of gaming, you can reach even two days on a single charge. Depending on the apps that you installed on your phone.  Now, let me just clarify the battery is identical to the one on Redmi Note 9Pro which is only around 20 mAh hours bigger. In real world scenario,should make a lot of difference now that we mentioned performance.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G is a mid-range, power efficient, 8 core processor, built on eight nanometer (8nm) technology, with two high-Performance Keyo gold cores with 2.2 ghz clock speed, and six power efficient cores Kryo Silver with 1.8 gigahertz frequency. You can buy two,options one with 4 Gigs of RAM and the other, with 6 GB which she is more like satisfying option, especially if you want to do some gaming. Poco M2 Pro is available in two storage configurations – 64 Gigs of storage and128 GB, plus there is an option to expand storage.

The starting price is just below$200 USD, to be precise around 100. Xiaomi Poco M2 is coming with huge IPS LCD 6.67 inch display. With 1080 and 2400 pixel resolution display. It fully supports HDR 10, it has a 450 nits brightness and similarly to the back of the device the screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 5.Screen refresh rate is still 60hz.

and if you expected something better, you may want to consider something like Realme 6, which has 90 Hertz refresh rate and it’s still below $200USD. Phone security consists of side mounted fingerprint scanner and iris face unlock sensor.

Finally, the camera! Poco m2 is coming with quad camera array, with 48 megapixel main shooter. The image sensor behind the camera is Samsung’s Isocell GM2. Other shooters also include, 8 MP ultra wide and 5 MP macro camera, as well as 2megapixel depth sensor.

This is relatively decent camera system, with good daylight shooting capabilities. Like majority of low mid-range devices thou, night-time photography is not it’s no stronger side. Comparable to the one on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro is coming with 64 megapixel sensor.Although, I personally prefer camera sensors from Sony. But that’s just me.Poco M2 is powdered by Android 10 with MIUI 11, ad free version with Poco interface.

Definitely, if you want a device with long battery life, this phone or similar would be perfect… If you opted for Android platform. This phone is not a device if you really want to make some stunning shots, especially during the night.

For light gaming, only 6 Gigs version should be sufficient. 4 Gigs or RAM make sense only for extremely basic use, considering that Android is not very optimised mized and resource friendly. Starting option is great for someone who uses phone for social media, movies, music and communication.

If you are fan of Poco as a brand, Poco F2 Pro, definitely holds the higher ground. You also have Poco X2 as an option, which is more like pure mid-ranger. in general Xiaomi and Redmi phones are excellent options as well. For example, I have used Mi-Mix 3 and that phone is still operating perfectly after one year and something. I think people should be less skeptical regarding the quality of Xiaomi devices and by that I means specially in Europe.


What about you – do you already own Xiaomi device or you are planning to buy one? Please, share in the comments below. Thank you for reading our article. . Have an excellent day.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra | New updates

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Galaxy Note 20 announcement is close at hand and, if rumours are correct, its retail launch won’t be too far behind. The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra have been an open book for some time now. We know almost everything there’s to know about the handset which includes its specs and how it looks courtesy of Samsung themselves. But still, there are a few mysteries about the handsets and one of them is the price.

Earlier this year, Samsung literally shocked everyone when they revealed the prices of the Galaxy S20 variants that starts from $999for the S20 to $1400 for the S20 Ultra. As expected it drew a lot of criticism from literally everyone including their loyal fan base which consequently resulted in lackluster sales of all the Galaxy S20 variants.

So you would expect Samsung to learn from their mistake and going forward make sure to price their handsets sensibly so that this doesn’t happen again. But apparently they learned nothing..In fact,Samsung is going even higher. Tech maniacs which is a popular greek website has obtained the European prices of the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra and also the released ate.

They say it’s from a very reliable source. By the way, Tech maniacs are the one who leaked quit a lot of Galaxy Note 10 features last year which all turned out to be true so if they are saying it’s from a very reliable source then there’s no reason not to believe them. Anyway, first up the Galaxy Note 20 will retail at €1,249 in Greece. To give you some comparison the Galaxy Note10 was priced at €999 in Greece when it launched last year. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, on the other hand,is going to retail at a massive €1,499 in Greece.

That is higher than both the Galaxy Note 10+and S20 Ultra, the Note 10+ was launched at €1,149, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra at €1,399in the country. By the way, Most of the other European countries should be able to get these handsets at a lower price tag, almost 50 Euros less than the prices for Greece. Now, converting these prices into US dollars doesn’t make sense because of the different tax rates.

But it does give us a key takeaway here that Samsung is not dropping the prices instead they are raising them. If I were to purely guess how much the Note20 Ultra is going to cost in the US based on these Greece prices, I would say $1449which is ridiculous, on every level. During this pandemic where people are literally losing their jobs, where businesses of many people have been cut in half, you would expect them to think about the market condition right now and price it accordingly.

But that’s not happening. If these prices are actually true then Samsung is pricing themselves into irrelevancy, at least in their flagship segment where only the most tech-obsessed will buy these phones at these prices which by the way is showing in the sales report of the Galaxy S20 series where the sales have been cut in half compared to the S10.

Yes, part of that is due to the pandemic but mostly it’s due to the high prices. It actually baffles me that on one hand Samsung is ridiculously increasing the prices year over year and then there’s Apple who by the way , has a bad name for charging insane prices, is actually dropping the prices or at least keeping it the same. The iPhone 12 Pro and Max will cost the same as last year or there will be at max $50 increase even with 5G. It feels like the roles are reversed.

Anyway, they’ve also revealed the price of the Galaxy Fold 2 in Greece and it’s 2199 euros. If I were to guess it should be at least $2000in the US, probably even more. There go the rumours of cheaper prices for the Galaxy Fold 2 down in the toilets.


With that being said, let me know what do you think down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Apple is again planning something?

Apple not again?

Apple is planning something

Apple has done some stupid things in the past such as dropping the headphone jack, popularising this abomination at the front, and at the back as well. But recently they’ve been on a good side such as launching a $400 phone, pricing the iPhone 11 cheaper than its predecessor the iPhone XR and more.

They are also expected to price the new 5GiPhone 12 variants the same as the iPhone 11 variants. So all of this was making us believe that Apple is no longer the company we used to despise in the past. But it seems we all got it wrong. They are back doing those stupid things again. This time they will no longer include a charger inside the box. Yes, you heard that right, a charger. You need to buy it separately now.

Ming-Chi Kuo a famous Apple analyst says Apple is doing it to keep the price of the iPhone 12 variants down. 5G networking components on the iPhone 12series will increase the costs and Apple wants to sell the iPhone 12 at almost the same price as the iPhone 11 and that’s the reason Apple is going to pass 100% of the cost savings directly on to the final price.

But the problem is nobody is going to see it like that even if it’s true. Because the charger is a basic need for a phone. Without it, the phone can’t even function. Just imagine, you go to the Apple store to buy the iPhone 12 Pro spending over $1000 and come home only to find that the phone is running out of juice and there’s no charger to charge it. If the phone was required to connect to a computer then it could be somewhat justified that the computer will act as a charger, but when the iPhone is completely standalone and you’re purchasing a $700-$1100 product that you cannot use after one charge without another $30 purchase is beyond insane.

I see a lot of people already on twitter predominantly sheep shamelessly defending this idea saying they have a lot of old chargers laying around so this move from Apple makes total sense. Listen, a tech-savvy person who upgrades his phone year over year and sometimes twice a year may have more than two chargers laying around but an average consumer doesn’t. Remember people sell their old phones with chargers and earbuds included, so if they want the new iPhones then this is going to cost them $63.15 to replace the EarPods and the 18W fast-charger that the iPhone Pro models come with. It’s somewhat acceptable for them to not include the earpods.

The phone is completely usable without them,Bluetooth headphones have become the norm these days and it is rare to see anyone using wired headphones these days, although I hate the fact that they forced us to use Bluetooth Headphones. But without a freaking charger, a basic necessity for a smartphone is not acceptable by any means. Not today, and not tomorrow. Maybe once we get true wireless charging where we don’t need to put the phone on a mat and it gets charged over the air. Until that doesn’t happen the cable is from where we are going to charge it and charging brick is absolutely necessary.

By the way, a lot of you think this isn’t a big deal for you because you’re on Android. But if history is any indication then These Android companies will shamelessly I mean shamelessly follow this stupid trend by Apple Just like they did with the headphone jack and that ugly notch and will take us back,back to a time where Android was the joke platform to Apple and its obsessed followers.

I don’t know, but it sure looks bad and feels even worse as someone who covers Android for a living to know that this could possibly transition to the Android world as well. Anyway, let me know what do you think?


Do you find it acceptable to not have a freaking charger inside the box when you pay over $1000 for a phone? let me know down in the comments and as always love you all.

Gaming laptop in depth comparison between RX5600M vs GTX 1660 IT

Gaming laptop comparison RX5600M vs GTX 1660 IT

RX5600M vs GTX 1660 IT

Which graphics should you get in your next laptop ? The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, or the Radeon RX 5600M from AMD? In this comparison we’ll take a look at the differences in 20 games and applications to help you decide which is worth it, the results are way closer than I was expecting. These are the differences in specs between these two options. Both have 6GB of GDDR6 memory at same speeds. The 1660 Ti is NOT Max-Q and runs at the maximum 80 watt power limit for the GPU.

I’ve been told by AMD that the 5600M will run between 60 and 95 watts in the G5 depending on the workload, and this is a result of smarts hit . I’m using the ASUS TUF A15 for the GTX 1660Ti and the Dell G5 special edition for the 5600M. I’ve chosen these two laptops because they both otherwise have the same Ryzen 7 4800H processor and 16gb of memory in dual channel at the same speed. The G5 is the first laptop to offer smart shift ,and basically this allows it to dynamically adjust power between the processor and graphics depending on the workload. It’s not possible to disable this, and give the 5600M only exists in the G5 right now, I can only test with it enabled.

I previously compared the 2060 with the 5600Mand found that the 2060 was ahead in most cases, so it makes sense to compare the 1660Ti given it’s the next level down in Nvidia’s lineup. Both laptops were tested with all Windows updates applied, and latest drivers from both Nvidia and AMD were used at the time of testing,the G5 has it’s own driver branch which is why this may not look like latest. With that in mind let’s start with the gaming results . Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested using thegame’s built in benchmark. I’ve got AMD’s 5600M shown by the red bars, and Nvidia’s 1660 Ti shown by the green bars.

The 5600M was coming out ahead of the 1660Ti at all but ultra settings. At ultra settings the 1660 Ti had the biggest lead out of any game tested at max settings, but I’d argue with these lower frame rates it doesn’t matter too much. Battlefield 5 was tested running through the same section of the game in campaign mode on both machines. This time the 5600M was only ahead in average FPS when it came to the low setting preset, the 1660 Ti was otherwise ahead, though it was less than a 2 FPS lead at ultra. Borderlands 3 was tested using the games benchmark.

This time the 1660 Ti was ahead at lower setting levels , however the 5600M pulled out in front at ultra and above, well at least for average frame rate, the 1% low performance was much lower comparatively, where the 1660 TI was 45% higher in that regard at max settings. Control was tested running through the same section of the game on both laptops. The 5600M was ahead in more cases than not,it has the lead in average frame rate regardless of setting levels, but was a little down interms of 1% low at medium and high settings. The Division 2 was tested with the built in benchmark.

The 5600M was ahead in all instances this time around, granted once we get up to the ultra setting preset it’s basically performing equivalently to the 1660 Ti for all practical intents and purposes, however the 5600M had a larger 10% lead at low settings. Apex legends was tested in Season 5 with theworld’s edge map by running through the drill site. The 1660 Ti was ahead in this one, though not too surprising as I’ve found this title to favour Nvidia in the past. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was also tested with either max or minimum settings. This time the RX 5600M was ahead in all cases.

At max settings it saw the biggest gain for the 5600M out of all 20 games tested with a 17% higher average FPS. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was tested using the built in benchmark, and it flips things around as it was one of the better results for the1660 Ti, especially when looking at the 1% low performance at ultra settings which was 42% higher, though this could be different with Vulkan. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested using the games benchmark. The 1660 Ti was 6% faster when it came to the highest setting preset, otherwise though, the 5600M was ahead at all setting levels and had a 19% higher average frame rate at lowest settings.

Fortnite was tested using the replay feature with the exact same replay on both laptops. The 5600M had a clear lead at low settings,the 1660 Ti took this back at medium and high settings, then maxed out at epic the two are extremely close together. The 1660 Ti is less than 1 FPS ahead when looking at the average, however it had a 6% higher 1% low.

PUBG was also tested with the same replay on each machine. This has been a title that I’ve found To favor Nvidia graphics in the past, and that seems to also be the case here too. Like some other games, the 5600M was doing better at lower settings, but the 1660 Ti has the win in most configurations. Far Cry New Dawn was tested using the games benchmark tool, and in general the 5600M seems to be doing better.

Yeah at most settings the 1660 Ti is one to two FPS ahead on average, but the 5600M has much better 1% low performance between low and high, by the time we get to ultra they’re about the same in that regard, quite close in any case. Monster Hunter World was tested running through the main town on both laptops. The 5600M was doing better in this one, the only time the 1660 Ti was ahead was just slightly in the 1% low at max settings, otherwise the5600M was in front. Metro Exodus was tested with the built in benchmark , and this was another test that was performing a bit better with the RX 5600M,which was ahead both for average and 1% lows at all setting levels.

CS:GO was tested with the Ulletical FPS benchmark. The 5600M was outperforming the 1660 Ti at max and medium setting levels, though the 1660 Ti had an edge when it came to all settings at minimum. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane. Again like CS:GO, the 5600M was ahead at all but the lowest setting level, though even at low the 1660 Ti was just 1.5% ahead in average FPS, so nothing major. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark, and the results were a little mixed. The 1% low with the 5600M was clearly ahead regardless of setting level, though the 1660 TI was ahead in average frame rate at high and very high settings, though only by less than 3 FPS.

Rainbow Six Siege was also tested with the built in benchmark using Vulkan, and this one was a massive win for the 5600M. At max settings the 5600M was 14% higher in average FPS, but at low settings it had a massive 40% lead, the largest difference out of all games tested, meanwhile the 1% low was 68% higher. Overwatch was tested in the practice range as it allows me to perform the exact same test run, perfect for a comparison like this. This was another where the results were mixed. The 5600M had the superior frame rate at low and high settings, otherwise the 1660 Ti was in front, though at these sorts of high frame rates I doubt most people would be able to tell the difference.

The Witcher 3 tends to be more GPU bound in my experience and offered some interesting results. The 5600M was ahead in the 1% low at all setting levels , otherwise in terms of average FPS it was very close between medium and high settings, the 1660 Ti had a bigger lead in average frame rate at low though. On average out of the 20 games tested at the highest setting level, which is typically most GPU heavy, the Radeon RX 5600M was 0.2%slower than the GTX 1660 Ti, so on average they’re basically performing the same. As you can see though, the results can vary significantly one way or the other depending on the specific game.

Things get a little more interesting when we instead look at the lowest setting levels, typically where the processor matters more. This time 5600M had a larger 7% higher average frame rate when compared to the 1660 Ti. I think this is a result of smart shift, at these lower setting levels the processor should be able to get more power as the GPU needless. The A15 on the other hand just has more static power limits regardless of the workload. I’ve also tested Fire Strike and Time Spy from 3DMark, and in these tests the 5600M was beating the GTX 1660 Ti by decent margins. I’ve also tested SPECviewperf which tests various professional 3D workloads.

The results could vary significantly based on the particular test, however it appears that the 5600M is winning in more tests than not . I’ve used the Puget systems benchmark for DaVinci Resolve, and the GTX 1660 Ti system was scoring a fair amount ahead of the 5600M. In the Adobe Photoshop test however the scores were extremely close together with a slight edge to the 1660 Ti, while the 1660 Ti was scoring much better when it came to the Adobe Premiere test. The 5600M is still new, so hopefully these software suites get better support for it in future.

As both machines have different cooling solutions we can’t really compare apples to apples, but given the 5600M only currently exists in the G5 I’ve gone ahead anyway. The 1660 Ti was running 8 degrees Celsius cooler in this workload, but what I found interesting was that this was despite the1660 Ti system drawing more power from the wall. To be fair, the 5600M system was using more than the 1660 Ti initially, but I took these numbers after sitting in the game for 30 minutes once things like boosting should have settled down. If you recall both GPUs had near identical performance in this game in terms of average FPS at max settings too.

In terms of driver issues, I didn’t have any crashes with either, but with the 5600M I will note that by default Vulkan games would try to run on the Vega iGPU. This was an easy fix though, you just need to set them to high performance mode in the Windows graphics settings, however this wasn’tan issue with the 1660 Ti machine, so that felt like a more polished experience, but this could easily change with future updates. Now for the final difference, the price, you can check the links in the description for up to date laptop prices with either graphics,as prices will change over time.

The Dell G5 with these specs that I’ve tested here is $1200 USD on the Dell website, but the entry level model starts at $880, or $800on a sale I recently saw, which is quite attractive as you still get the 5600M GPU.

The ASUS TUF A15 with GTX 1660 Ti seems togo for around $1000, so when comparing apples to apples with the same Ryzen 7 4800H processor and memory the A15 does cost less money, and as we saw in games at max settings it was performing very closely to the 5600M on average at max settings, though at low settings levels the 5600M had a more consistent lead in games. I’ve started testing the 4600H G5, and sofar the results are looking very impressive for the price, so compared to an ASUS TUFA15 that may only have a 1650 Ti for that price, the 5600M should blow it away.


I think the $800 G5 with 5600M is going to be a big seller for the amount of performance on offer, but more on that soon. There are of course other important differences to factor in when comparing these two laptops, like the low response time screen in the A15,but I’ll look at these in a future dedicated comparison video, so look out for that, the goal of this one was more about the GPU performance. For now let me know which of these two GPUsyou’d pick and why down in the comments.

Asus Tuff A15 gaming benchmark | Full details

Asus Tuff A15 gaming benchmark

Asus Tuff A15 gaming benchmark

The ASUS TUF A15 gaming laptop uses AMD’snew Ryzen 4000 processors, let’s find out just how well it performs in 20 different games at all setting levels, and compare it against some other laptops to help you decide if it’s worth it. I’ve got the FA506IV model here, which meansthere’s an 8 core AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor, Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics, 16gb of memory in dual channel, and a 144Hz 1080p screen, I’ll test the response time too.

The TUF A15 is also available with different specs, I’ve also got the Ryzen 5 4600H with 1650 Ti model here too so make sure you’resubscribed for that one too, otherwise you can find updated prices linked in the description. The ASUS Armoury Crate software lets you select between different performance modes. I’ve done all testing with turbo mode enabled for best performance, and this raises the fan speed and applies the following overclock to the GPU. We’ll only be covering gaming performance in this video, so look out for the upcoming full review and thermal testing videos. Let’s start out by going through all games at all setting levels, then afterwards we’ll see how the ASUS TUF A15 gaming laptop compared with some other laptops. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested using thegame’s built in benchmark tool, and this test is tough on pretty much any laptop regardless of specs with max settings, though for an RTX 2060 machine generally we see higher FPS with an Intel processor, particularly at lower settings.

Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode,I didn’t bother testing RTX like I usually do, as it honestly doesn’t seem worth while in this title, but let me know if you still want to see it. The performance at ultra settings was fair for an RTX 2060 laptop, but we’ll see how this title compares with other machines soon. Control was tested with and without RTX enabled as it’s much more useful in this title. I’ve got the results with RTX off in purple,RTX on in the green bars which is much worse, then RTX on with DLSS enabled as shown bythe red bars. At max settings the DLSS result is pretty similar to RTX off while also gaining some of the benefits of ray tracing.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark, and the results were again fair for a 2060 based laptop, but we’llcheck out how other laptops compare with the A15 in this game shortly. Apex Legends was tested with either all settings at maximum, or all settings on the lowest possible values, as it doesn’t have predefined setting presets. Even with all settings maxed out above 100FPS was possible and it was playing without issue. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was tested in campaig mode, and I’ve also tested it with the settings either maxed out or at minimum.

Max settings were still playing well, though minimum was hitting 1% lows that were similar to the average at max if you prefer frame rate. Borderlands 3 was tested using the game’sbuilt in benchmark, and it was still possible to surpass 60 FPS with the high setting preset in this test, though we could hit above 100 FPS at very low settings. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was also tested with the benchmark tool, and although this is another resource heavy game, we’re still able to reach above 60 FPS at ultra settings. Fortnite was tested with the replay

feature,and as a less demanding title it was still running very well with the highest epic setting preset .

High settings allowed us to hit average FPS above the 144Hz refresh rate of the screen, while even the 1% low was above this at medium. Overwatch is another less demanding game and was tested in the practice range. Once more at the highest epic setting preset the frame rates were excellent, the averages were higher than the screen’s refresh rate in all cases. CS:GO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark,and as a game that prefers CPU clock speed, the results were noticeably lower when compared to an Intel i7 laptop with the same GPU. For brief comparison, the Acer Triton 500with 90 watt 2060 and 8th gen i7 got very similar 1% lows, but was 20-30 FPS higher in the averages. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane,and a similar pattern was observed here too.

Generally with an i7 based laptop we’rehitting higher average FPS than this, though in practice these are still great results for the game and it’s playing without any issue. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the builtin benchmark using Vulkan, and high settings were needed to hit average FPS above the screen’srefresh rate. Metro Exodus was tested using the built in benchmark , most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this, so don’t take these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game, it’smore of a worst case.

The Division 2 was also tested with the builtin benchmark, the highest ultra setting preset was still capable of reaching the magic 60FPS number, though we could more than double it at low settings. This is only my second time testing Monster Hunter World, however even at max settings the 1% low is right on 60 FPS, not too far behind the average, so quite a smooth and consistent experience, while 100 FPS could be hit at low if you need more. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark, and the performance was fair in this one, again for brief comparison that Triton 500 with same GPU but 8th gen i7 was performing within 1-2 FPS of this both in average FPS and 1% low.

The MSI GE65 with 9th gen i7 was ahead though,however it also has a more aggressive GPU overclock. Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the games benchmark, and tends to be more CPU heavy, we’ll check out how the older Far Cry 5 compares with some other machines very soon. The Witcher 3 was playing well enough at max settings, though the 1% low was on the lower side, at least compared to high settings which offers a nice performance boost without too much loss to visual fidelity in my opinion. F1 2019 was tested using the game’s benchmark tool , and it generally sees a similar pattern of much lower results at max settings when compared to dropping back just one level.

Let’s also take a look at how this configuration of the ASUS TUF A15 gaming laptop compares with other laptops, use these results as arough guide only as they were tested at different times with different drivers. In Battlefield 5 I’ve got the A15 highlighted in red. The average FPS is very close to the Triton500 with 8th gen i7 which is just below it, however the A15’s 1% low is down a little comparatively. It’s also behind the MSI GE65 with the same 90 watt RTX 2060, though that does apply a higher GPU overclock by default.

These are the results from Far Cry 5 with ultra settings in the built in benchmark. This is more of a CPU sensitive test, however this time the A15 is a little lower on the graph when compared to the same selection of laptops. That’s in terms of average FPS at least,to be fair the 1% low is still in line with many of the i7 based machines.

These are the results from Shadow of the Tomb raider with the built in benchmark at highest settings. In this more GPU demanding test the A15 is back in the same position as we saw in Battlefield 5. It’s ahead of some 2060 laptops like the Triton 500 again, though the GE65 is a few frames ahead once more. Overall the gaming performance isn’t amazing,but it’s definitely respectable. Despite the Ryzen 7 4800H coming out ahead in CPU heavy workloads like Blender, it seems that Intel mobile processors have an edge in gaming.

I will investigate this in depth in future comparisons once I’ve got machines to do it fairly. This was clearer when looking at the results at lower setting levels that are less GPU bound, that said it of course depends on the specific game, and the 4800H is still definitely delivering a good experience in all of these tires. While testing these 20 games out, I honestly cannot say I had any issues with the panel, but I don’t think I’m personally that sensitive to the slower response times, which is why I recently invested in the tools needed to measure response time. So far the A15 is the slowest laptop panelI’ve ever tested by a fair amount, granted I’ve only tested about 5 laptops with this so far.


the key takeaway is on average the grey-to-grey response time is 20ms.and know what you thought of the A15’s gaming performance down in the comments, I’ll also be testing some other A15 configurations with different specs over the coming weeks too.

best laptops between 50000to 1 lac | full guide

Best laptop between 50000 to 1lac full information

best laptops between 50000to 1

 I browsed through a lot of laptops of Different Price Categories,From Around 50 thousand to more than lac, One big thing I noticed is that gaming Laptops within the price range of 60 thousand to around 90 thousand Are not really worth.let’s start.


So, Who are you?A student, A student who Play Games, or a business man, A business who play Games. Of Course , they play games Gamers Are Everywhere. Or you can be artist, An creator or You area pure gamer. I am talking about all of this bcoz , The Perfect Laptop For You Depends on Your needs, If you are a student or a business man You Will Need a more portable Laptop, an laptop with Less weight But enough power To Handle Every Day Task, with a bigger battery. The ideal Choice for you WIll be an ultrabook,Which Ultrabook? We’ll come back to it.

2.mi notebook 14

Now let’s say, you are student who Play a lot of games,and don’t have to carry your laptop every day to college, or You are So Strong, You go to Gym Daily, And Weight of the laptop isn’t a big concern for you Or Maybe You are just a pure gamer.The best Choice For you is Of Course a gaming laptop, Which gaming Laptop? We’ll Come Back to it. And for Creators,Gaming Laptops Can work For you , but sometimes you need More Ram than traditional Gaming laptop, Or more Features Like maybe a touchscreen. So we’ll First Start From laptops Around 50 thousand,or maybe little less than that. Right now mi notebook 14 is very popular,I have already made a video on it ,if you are interested, you can check it out by clicking up here. Let’s get back to mi notebook, it’s Probably One of the best laptops for students or a businessman and also if you get bored you can game a on it. It has i5 10th generation processor + Nvidia’sMx250+ 14 inch ips Screen. We will not go deep into its specification. So is this The only option,

3.Asus  Vivobook

There’s a laptop called Asus Vivobook , It has i5 8th generation + nvidia’ mx 230 , maybe a lil old processor,but It has something which mi notebook lacks, An Backlit keyboard, If you Are a student,you’ll probably need to Type in the day as well as in the night,yupp I know that struggle,So I think Asus Vivobook is a more ideal choice. But if you don’t want to compromise on processor generation, then Mi notebook is a also a very good choice, Of course for typing at night, you can turn on your Room lights. Next,For gaming, around the price of 50000there are pretty powerful gaming laptops out there, let me just tell you what you can Expect in this price, an i5 9th generation processor, Nvidia’s Gtx 1650, an SSD is compulsory ,and 8 gb of ram, In my opinion Acer aspire 7 is a very good deal. You get 9th generation intel i5 processor,Nvidia’s Gtx 1650 with 4gb Gddr6 memory, 8 gb of Ram.It price is around 55 thousand also if you are limited to 50 thousand asus vivobook gaming is a great value for money, and I think 55 thousand is really a sweet spot for gaming laptops, I mean you Can’t find any better configuration until you go as high as 90 thousand, you can get that 120 hertz screen by choosing asus tuf fx 505 it also has gtx 1560, for processor it has ryzen 5 3350h, but after that there’s no significant improvement in configuration, if you want more ram you can simply upgrade on one of this laptop and it will be more value for money. There’ option for gtx 1650tiat around 70thousand, but its not worth it. There’s not much noticeable difference between gtx 1650 and gtx 1650ti, you will only 5 or 8 more frame rates. Of Course , for creators , they can opt fori7 version or ryzen 7 version, but for gamers 55 thousand is really a sweet spot.

4.hp pavilion gaming laptop

  I would also like to mention hp pavilion gaming laptop with ryzen 7 and gtx 1660ti max q version at price of 75000. only thing I miss here is it has only 8 gb of ram. But you are smart, you will upgrade the ram Right, yes you can but it has two sticks of 4 gb ram instead of 1 stick of 8 gb ram , so if you want to upgrade it to 16 gb, you will have to remove those both sticks. And also the screen don’t support higher refresh rates. If you like the video so far, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up.

5.Mi notebook horizon

For students, If we talk about a laptop around60,000 .Mi notebook horizon with i7 10th generation , and nvidia’s Mx 350 , Is a very good option,and also there’s asus vivobook 14 with i7 version , like I said it has backlit keyboard. And also inbuilt camera. Now if You don’t care about game , and you have to carry your laptop daily to office or college and you want a really really light laptop ,then you should check out lg gram 14 , I won’t say it best value for money,but it is very light , less than 1 kg. Upto 80 90 thousand you will find Ultrabooks with 8 gb of ram , same as the ultrabooks in 50 60 thousand rupees, you might get dual screen feature, but most of us will be happy with single screen, Now if you have a budget of more than 90 thousand,I would really recommend you to take a look at Msi Prestige, the laptop has a very premium build , it has intel’s i7 8th generation processor, 16 gb of DDr4 ram, nvidia’s mx150 for graphics, and a 512 GB of ssd. And it weigh just under 1.2 kg. Other option we have is Hp pavilion X360 1026tx,it is convertible laptop , it will give you the feeling of hp spectre, which are way more costly. It has intel i7 10th generation processor,nvidia’s Mx 250 for graphics, 16 Gigabytes of ddr4 ram and 512 gb of ssd, and of course it is a touch screen laptop. Hp pavilion is really a very balanced laptop and maybe the best choice around 1 lac.

6.acer predator hellos 300

Now coming to gaming laptop, if you are spending more than 90 on a gaming laptop, you should at least expect gtx 1660ti and an 144 hertz it’s screen. My favourite in this price is acer predator hellos 300, this laptop is king of gaming laptop under 90 thousand , it has intel i59th generation processor, gtx 1660ti with 6 gb od gddr6 memory for graphics, and an144 hertz screen, it has 256 gb of ssd and 1 tb of hard disk. If you are creator and want i7 then there’smsi GF 65 ,it has intel’s i7 9 th generation processor, gtx 1660 ti for gpu, a 512 gb ofssd, and an 144 hertz ips screen. I couldn’t find better value for money laptop than this , its probabaly most powerful laptop under 1 lack.


So that’s all from my side, tell me in the comment section if you know any other better laptops or feel free to ask any question,and if you Found this article  helpful don’t forget to Give us a thumbs up, share with your friends who might be thinking about getting a new laptop. Stay home ,stay safe.




Hello and welcome . Today we’re having a look at the QCY T4. The T4 comes in the same type of box as other QCY models. On the front we have a picture of the product itself , and a coloured shape that looks like a guitar. On the back we have some specifications.

Here we have the charging case and the typical accessories that we usually get from QCY. This case does not have a USB type C, so againwe’re stuck with a micro usb to USB-A cable for charging. Here’s also two extra sets of cone shaped soft rubber buds in different sizes. These do a good job sealing the surrounding sounds , and they are comfortable to wear. We also have a well written user manual, and it comes in both Chinese and English language. In the top left section there’s a QR code that you can scan to download the QCY app, but more about that later. Here’s instructions for how to set it up,how to use the controls, how to reset them if needed, and so on.

The case itself is made of plastic, and the rounded design reminds of a lot of the Haylou cases we have seen earlier. It’s a simple and clean looking design,and I like how it looks in this black colour. Around on the back is the micro usb connector for charging, and under we have some specifications. This case has a 380 mAh battery, and they say it can recharge the earphones up to four times. I did some tests and I was able to recharge the earphones a little bit less than 4 times, so it’s not too far off. It also has a magnetic lid, and inside we have the two earphones.

This case feels well built, and even the hinge on the lid feels solid and nice. So i don’t think this will break easily. The earphones may look a little bit like the QCY QS1, but in my opinion they have a much better design. The shape is more ergonomic, and they have a short tunnel to the speaker, so they don’t go as deep into the ears as some other in- earphones . If you look at the back, you can see thatit’s shaped to fit into the ears cavity, instead of just being a square box like theQS1. This makes them sit better in the ears, and it makes them more comfortable.

They may look a bit boxy in the video, butthey’re quite compact and they do fit very well into the ear without sticking much out. They’re also light, with a weight of only4.5 grams each. The battery in here is informed to last 4.5hours per charge, and in my tests I did actually get from 4 to 4.5 hours every time, and that’swhen playing music with loud volume. So, it’s not bad at all. The rubber buds are the same as we have seen before, and they are very easy to take on and off. And, I really can’t say it enough, you really should try the different sizes so you’ll get the best fit for your own ears. On the front is a physical button, so there’sno touch control on these, but more about the buttons a bit later.

The earphones are of course held in the case by magnets, to make sure they don’t move while charging, and they do have charging lights . These lights will switch off when they’redone charging. There’s also a light on the front of the case, to show you if it’s still charging. This light will be constant white at 100%And under 60% it blinks red. Meaning if you have more than half the battery remaining , it will blink red.. Which is a bit strange and misleading in my opinion , since we should have charged it enough to get two full recharges. Anyway, i guess it doesn’t matter, because this light will ONLY light up when we’re charging the case itself, and NOT when charging the earphones or opening the lid. So it’s not possible to check how much power is remaining in the case, unless the case is connected to a charger.

I wish it had a battery indicator that we could use at any time, but that’s sadly not how it works on the T4. Here i’m using the Haylou T15s case to charge,so we can use any power bank or 5V charger, up to 2.1 Amps to charge this case. It does NOT support fast charging, so for your own safety don’t even try using one. Anyway, let’s have a look at the pairing process. There are two ways to pair the T4, and the first one is the most common way. Just take them out of the case, and make sure one of them stops blinking. Now select QCY-T4 in the list and we’regood to go. They will of course also reconnect automatically the next time you take them out of the case.

The seconds way, is to use QCYs own App, which is available in the app store. After installing it you may need to first open it and create an account, where you have to give them your phone number.

So be aware of that. When that’s done, we can take the earphones out of the case and now it pops up on the screen here. Just click connect and we’re done. The next time we want to use the earphones,this screen will automatically pop up, and show us the remaining battery percentage. In the app we have some more options. We can for example change the button functions to play, skip, assistant or volume control.  single tap and double tap both can be changed. Further down, we have an equaliser that allows us to use some presets for pop, rock bass, soft and classic. But we can also make our own adjustments on the main screen here by dragging these points up or down.

Next we have a function for finding our earphones,and we have two ways of doing this. Clicking the green button will play an alarm sound through the earphones, which may help us find them if they are nearby and connected to the phone. It’s not very loud, but it may help if they’reclose by. This app also uses the phone’s position to save the last location where you used the earphones. So by clicking it, we should get a map showing us where it was. My app crashes every time i click the map,so i guess there’s a bug, or maybe I didn’t set it up correctly? Some of the setup description in the app is only in chinese language, so maybe I didn’t do it correctly.

At the top we can see the remaining battery for each earphone, and that’s about it for the app, so let’s move on. Like I mentioned earlier, these earphones do not have touch controls. Instead we have physical buttons, but these are good buttons. They’re quite easy to click, without pushing the earphones further into the ears. It could be even softer, but there’s no discomfort when clicking them, so in my opinion they’re good enough. For controlling calls, just click once to answer or hang up the call, or do a long press to reject it. For controlling music we have the following commands . Click once to play or pause. This works on both earphones. Click twice on the right one to go to the next song. Click twice on the left one to go back or to the previous song. Long pressing will open the assistant.

The T4 doesn’t have a stem going down the side, like the T3 and T5, so the microphone is located right under the front of the earphone. The mic quality isn’t fantastic though,but it’s ok for shorter calls. Here’s a sample I recorded, so you can hear for yourself. For those who do gaming, these earphones are good. By triple clicking the right earphone, they will enter gaming mode, which has lower lag. There’s still a short delay, but it’sgood enough even for some fast gaming. This also works while watching videos in YouTube,netflix and apps like that, but it’s not really necessary, as the delay in videos isn’tvery noticeable. It works fine even with this mode switched off.

Wearing these earphones is a pleasure, asthey sit very well in the ears, and I find them to be very comfortable even for long periods at a time. The ergonomic design works very well, and they don’t move while wearing them. The short tunnel that goes into the ear also makes it more comfortable compared to the ones that goes deeper. Regarding sound quality for music, these earphones did surprise me a bit. They don’t have apt X, so we only have AAC/SBC. Anyway, the sound is quite crisp and clear. It’s also spacious enough, so I don’texperience it as muffled at all. The highs are nice and comfortable, but to pick a bit, they sometimes sound a little bit emphasized. But I think that’s why they made the equalizer in the app.

After activating it everything sounds very good. The highs and mids are nice, and do a good job with vocals and instruments, without going too high.

The bass is also good and punchy, with some low rumble, but I feel it’s a bit lacking in the lowest region when not using the equalizer. Overall the sound is good and spacious, with nice bass, but in my opinion the mids and highs are a bit too emphasized. So to get the best result I had to open the equalizer and do some adjustments to correct the balance a bit. After doing that, i was able to raise the volume even more, which results in a better overall balance and a more powerful and deeper bass that sounds very good. The volume on the T4 goes very loud , so I usually got up to 60-70% before it’s just too loud.


Overall they sound very good, they have good bass that goes very low and has a very good rumble, they’re very comfortable and they have good battery. Here we get a lot for such a low price, so they get a thumbs up from me! And that’s it for this article . Have a nice day and thank you for reading .

Snyder cut Justice League trailer breakdown

Justice League Snyder cut new teaser trailer breakdown

The bells already been wrung and they’ve heard it but in the dark among the stars. They know that god is dead Welcome back everyone ,big surprise Zack Snyder dropped a new teaser trailer for the Justice League Snyder cut. so we’ll break it down there’s a whole bunch of Mythology that they’re teasing here. so it’s actually pretty cool. most important stuff first if you didn’t know Zack Snyder will be doing a special Justice League Snyder cut panel at the big picture fan dome event that’s happening later this year that sort of DC’s own separate comic-con that they’re doing by themselves. it’s going to be totally free it’ll be online, so everybody will be able to participate in some way but the really cool thing about this footage is that it gives us a first look at Darkseid in the new cut of the movie and he’s very different in the version of the flashback scene that Wonder Woman has. if you can’t tell what’s being said during this scene either it’s Lex Luthor’s voice whispering to her a disembodied voice. while she’s staring at darkseid’s picture he says the Bell has been rung and they’ve heard it.they know that god is dead so obviously the god that they’re talking about is Superman they’d found out about his death during Batman.

Be a Superman when he says they he’s talking about Darkseid in the forces of apocalypse in the way that Lex Luthor references Superman as God makes it sound like Superman was the reason Darkseid had not come for the mother boxes sooner. there was some footage from the theatrical cut where Steppen wolf voice-over says no protectors no Kryptonians no lanterns this world will fall. as if there were Kryptonians before Superman. I know there are a lot of theories about who that other Kryptonian was from the Man of Steel movie in the Kryptonian pod that had been opened Zack Snyder always hinted that they would reveal that in future sequels, but we never really found out for sure.

There were a lot of theories that  could be their version of Supergirl that would show up at some point, or it could be just another ancient Kryptonion, when their race used to be explorers. as he gets that big backstory during the Man of Steel movie. I don’t know if that implies that we’ll actually see some Kryptonion added into this flashback. Darkseid war scene though but as for the Green Lantern Corps the Green Lantern’s, we know who this Green Lantern was in the flashback scenes and what was going on with him and we know what was going on in present day with Green Lantern Corps.

I’ll talk about them in a second but the place where Wonder Woman is, looks like it’s either miss Kiran temple or an ancient Greek temple built by humans because the language that she’s reading here on it, is written in ancient Greek. it would be from before she was born though otherwise, she wouldn’t be so surprised to see Darkseid’s image in the text identifying him. I don’t read Greek, so I can’t tell you what the text on the left says someone who reads Greek can probably just add that in the comments, please but you don’t need to be able to read Greek to identify what the text on the right says.it says Darkseid in ancient Greek the object in the center of the mural beneath him ,is what the three mother boxes look like when they’re combined the whole thing with the mother boxes in Zack Snyder’s original version.

the movie when they were still doing multiple Justice League movies is that before Darkseid became Darkseid. his name was ooksus but, Darkseid was born the son of yuga khan and hey grrah the king and queen of apocalypse. he was the second inline for the throne behind his older brother, he killed him to obtain the Omega force which is where his Omega beams come from. as the name implies it also turned him into this rock like looking creature that you know as modern-day Darkseid. he took the Darkseid name then in the Snyder cut version in that backstop. he traps the soul of his mother in her cosmic power Hydra in what they’re calling the unity the unity of these three mother boxes, then uses that cosmic power to proceed to try and take over the rest of the universe.

so when they talk about the unity during the movie that’s what he’s talking about Steppe Wolf was still in the Snyder cut .he still comes to earth but the reason why he came to earth for the mother boxes originally is because the soul of his mother also Hegira which is Darkseid’s mother to is trapped inside the mother boxes that’s why Stephen wolf keeps referring to the mother boxes like they’re alive calling them mother. talking about setting her free they didn’t really clarify that in the theatrical cut. so it just seems kind of creepy that he’s talking to the mother boxes like they’re a person. he wants to free her and use her celestial power to defeat Darkseid himself and claim the throne of apocalypse.

it’s sort of implied at the end of the movie that they have some sort of loose Alliance and he’s being taken back to apocalypse through the boom tube. the ending of the Snyder cut was a little bit different than the theatrical cut there were a lot of big changes but part of the ending of the movie was him being taken back to Darkseid to be killed by Darkseid. and dark side sort of give a stare to the Justice League and let him know that he was coming for them. the scene of Lex Luthor in the Kryptonian ship is also Adam material from Batman V Superman, when he’s learning all this about Darkseid, Stephen wolf, the mother boxes, the secret history of Earth from the Kryptonian AI. this is what Stephen wolf looked like in the Snyder cut.

he was way more monstrous looking that’s all supposed to be happening right at the beginning of the Justice League movie. the Task Force shows up arrest sim throws him in prison and he spends pretty much all the first Justice League movie in that prison cell, where you see Batman come to intimidate him at the end of Batman vs Superman. But given this voiceover scene it also sounds like the Lex Luthor story during the Snyder cut is very different. he really only shows up in the post-credits scene in the theatrical version, but the voice-over makes it sound like it’s happening pretty early in the movie. so it sounds like someone goes to see him and ask some questions about, what was going on inside the Kryptonian ship because he knows all this stuff now.

the reason why Wonder Woman doesn’t know all this history yet is because she wasn’t born when this Dark Side war was happening, but then you have all these scenes with Wonder Woman inspecting the ruins with the Darkseid mural depicting the flashback scene  then either she tells Batman this full story, so that he knows what’s going on or they do the full flashback war scene, here while she’s staring at this mural. the way they cut the teaser trailer implies that the flashback scene happens while she’s staring at darkseid’s picture but that might just be the way they cut the trailer and not the way it actually happens during the movie.

for the most part the only major difference, I think in the actual flashback scene with Darkseid fighting everyone is one that Darkseid looks like this. he doesn’t seem like he’s fully become Darkseid yet. he doesn’t seem like he has the Omega force either because that would be enough to kill every last one of the Greek gods like Zeus, Ares, Herald, Artemis all the Greek gods are in the theatrical cut of the flashback scene. so I’m assuming it’s mostly the same for them in the Snyder’s cut. the other big Lex Luthor changed. we just found out about in the Snyder’s cut is actually the Deathstroke post-credit scene. JoeManganiello tweeted out that they would be adding the original post-credit scene back in like. he was really hyped up as if it was way better than the theatrical cut.

my assumption without seeing more footage is just that there’s a lot more nuance to this in the Schneider cut like they say that they’re forming the injustice Society, but the scene is longer more fleshed out with more con texts and plot laying out how their story will continue in future Justice League sequels. when they were still going to do multiple Justice League movies. I also think had the original plans for the DCEU movies played out the way that they wanted to this injustice league post-credit scene would have also been intended to set up a spin-off villain team-up movie for the injustice society maybe they would have called that movie Justice League. and it would have just been another Justice League sequel down the line like Justice League 3 or 4 or whatever. it would have just been the biggest DC villains and Lex Luthor teaming up against the Justice League, which by that time would have included Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern Corps.

They would have also shown up by that second Justice League movie fully and there was supposed to be some present-day Hal Jordan Green Lanterns, And happening in the Snyder cut too. so hopefully they’ll find a way to add him back in. I don’t know if they cast an actor. it’s hard to say because of so many changes that they made. if you remember the deleted scene of Superman Showing up to talk to Alfred inside the Batcave. oh you’re just in time that was originally supposed to be a Green Lantern Hal Jordan scene with him showing up that’s why in all the trailers when they showed this scene you see a flash of green in his eyes. it’s supposed to be green lantern shining showing up the whole idea with the Green Lantern Corps in the Justice League movies too starting with the flashback scene.

if you don’t know who this one is in all the Darkseid war scenes this is Yalan Gur. he’s actually one of the ancient green Lantern’s of space Sector two, eight, one, four where earth is located. he was a Green Lantern about 2,000 years ago. eventually he wound up dying and his body his force became part of the stars heart which then went on to power the Alan Scott Green Lantern. so they kind of do a version of setting up an Alan Scott Green Lantern maybe at some point in the DCEU they had plan to do it justice Society movie.


so just a reminder that the DC fan dome event is happening at the end of August they’re going to be dropping trailers for a lot of the upcoming movies and at least some concept teasers and art for the upcoming movies that they have not started filming yet. the rock also separately dropped a comic-con teaser for the Black Adam panel and Shazam to stuff that they’re doing at this big event.  thank you so much for reading everyone stay safe I’ll see you guys tonight!

Netflix movie Dark season 3 trailer breakdown

Breakdown of the Dark Trilogy trailer

This will be breakdown of the Dark Trilogy trailer they just released. I’ve seen it with the name Trilogy and the name Franchise trailer. Whatever you want to call it, the trailer they just put out, the third trailer for season 3. The first half of it recaps the first two seasons and then we get about a minute of new footage.

The Whole thing is great but I’m just gonna focus on the new stuff in this video.Before we get into it this is your spoiler warning. This video will discuss everything that’s happened in dark through the first two seasons. I’ll talk about the things we’ve seen in all the season three trailers and promo material so far. A few days ago netflix released a ton of press photos that I haven’t had a chance to talk about yet. They’re mostly from the first two episodes, and I’ll Discuss them when they add context to some of the things we see in this trailer. If any of that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea now’s your chance to leave.

As mentioned the first half of the trailer shows us how we got to where we are at the beginning of season 3. The one thing that stands out at the end is that we see how alt Martha’s journey is very similar to Jonas’s . Right after we see Martha save Jonas from the apocalypse at the end of season 2 the trailer cuts to the alt world version of the Kahn Wald house. We notice the background is reversed to help distinguish which world we’re looking at. There’s a shot of Jonas looking at something in the alt world. It’s kind of funny since the thing that looks different about him is that his hair is just parted on the other side . Next we see Martha talking to Jonas in the cave. I mentioned in one of my recent videos how this Martha, the one with the shorter hair and dark clothes,is at least slightly older than the one we see in the yellow raincoat.

Think of the Jonas in the yellow raincoat we meet at the beginning compared to the one in darker clothes who has traveled and has the scar on his neck. So these two are in the cave and there are a couple clearer photos of them in the promo pics. Those Are labeled episode 1 and in them we see Martha travelling. My guess is that this version of Martha has brought Jonas to the alt world at some point before the Apocalypse happens there, and in this scene she’s leaving him. This means that the can go meet the one who wears the raincoat and most likely explains somethings about time travel to her. The next shot is the burning of Michaels suicide note which looks like recycled footage from season one.

That cuts to the trio watching Adam’s lair burn. There’s a couple of images of this in the press photos which are labeled episode one as well . if that’s correct we won’t have to wait long to see what they’re up to. As it burns we hear a voiceover of a woman’s voice saying, “Everything will fall apart in this world. In yours.” as she’s saying that we see raincoat Martha riding her bike much like Jonas did at the beginning of season 1. after that we see the power plant with three people in radiation suits standing in front of where the god particle was. I say where it was, because now there’s just a hovering white glowing ball rather than the black blob. the shot is too far away to say who’s standing there but we did see older Elisabeth and Charlotte Wearing yellow radiation suits in the last trailer.

the very next scene looks like original Charlotte in the 2053 time line which makes her a good candidate.there’s a transition shot of Jonas walking away from the cave we see it’s the alt world because of the red and white tape instead of blue and white.then we get a scene with Hannah where we see her wearing the st. Christopher pendant for the first time. most of us knew this was coming, but it still turned out to be a scene to make you gasp because we see Egon behind her clasping it on her neck.

if there was any doubt these two would start a relationship we can put those to rest. this is the first of two big revelations from this trailer.there aren’t any photos of the 1950s timeline at all besides the behind the scenes ones that BBO posted on his Instagram so this is exciting to see.next we see Adam in the power plant in the 2050s timeline. the black blob is still there so if we put two and two together it looks like whatever he’s doing here will result in the change we saw in it earlier. we’ve seen a few sequences in previous trailers that make it look like this is all part of whatever he has planned.

there’s a sequence of recycled images of the notebook, Noah, young Helge in the operational version of the chair, and some shots of the future that might be new orthose could be recycled as well. after that there’s an interesting shot of the actor who plays middle Claudia. someone is holding the orb time machine setting it to travel. Claudia looks somewhat dirty and her hair is different, but I don’t know if you can tell for sure if this is all Claudia or if she just looks like that from being in the bunker after the apocalypse . this reminded me of the shot in the first trailer where we saw Claudia traveling and now I’m wondering if this is alt Claudia traveling in front of her prime world version.

they look like they could be happening in the same place so let me know what you think about this in the comments. we know at some time Claudia travels to the alt world and there’s no reason to believe that there wouldn’t be an alt of her. so we could see them getting together right here, next we see raincoat martha kiss jonas in front of the cave. that cuts to a couple having sex in the Kahn Wald house based on the paneling on the walls. you can’t tell for sure who this is or which world but it seems pretty likely that it’s Jonas and alt martha in her world . there’s a quick shot of older alt Helge sitting in a chair. it’s short and it doesn’t look different than when we saw him in previous trailers.

Then we see Jonas holding the st. Christopher pendant briefly possibly in the cave.this mirrors a shot we saw earlier of Martha holding it from season 2. that cuts the stranger Jonas in the distant past timeline with tears in his eyes. there was a wider version of this in the promo photos where you can see that Martha is standing in front of him. this is where I think alt Martha goes after she leaves he Jonas in the cave since this all seems to be from the first episode. this is most likely 1888 or some time not too long after that and it is probably connected to the other shot we saw of SIc Mundus building the time machine with alt Martha looking on.

After that there’s some recycled shots of michels disappearance showing Jonas and Ulrich running through the woods. then there is a quick shot of lights flickering in the alt-world school. you can see the doors are a darker color and this is where the press photo of alt Hannah that’s out there is from. the flickering lights shot cuts to Hannah and Egon back in the 50s and she doesn’t look pleased. it’s a quick look and the big takeaway seems to be that things are going sour between them. then we get the other big reveal from this trailer. we see two people touching hands across the chessboard. we can tell by the pattern on the sweatshirt that this is Katerina on the right and it looks like she will be reunited with Ulrich based on this shot. we can confirm that he’s wearing the same sweater and you can even see the chessboard. I think it’s great that these two will have a scene together and it’ll be interesting since he’s 33 years older than the last time she saw him.

Katharina was pretty well confirmed to have traveled back to 86 in the prime world and this shot appears to seal the deal.it also adds fuel to the fire what we expect to go down between her and her mother Helene Albers. we know she works here so it looks like they may be crossing paths not long after this reunion. after that there’s another really interesting shot of a book being closed on a desk. there’s a pen beside it and the clothing seems to be a match for what we see the trio wearing. according to Reddit the words on the page are from the play Ariadne that we saw Martha perform in season 1.

a book of the play showed up in the last trailer and there are a couple of promo photos showing that she performs to play in the alt-world as well. the other interesting thing here is the illustration at the top of the page. we see a circle that is half blacked out with the letter A below it. this looks very similar to the illustration in the book that Elisabeth found in Tannhaus’s shop. in that there are two globes on either side of one in the center.

there’s a male and a female character blowing on each of them and there’s a theory that they’re Adam and Eve. the globes refer to both Windens we know of and they’re connected to a prime world that we’re yet to see. I think seeing this has me thinking about it more and you can’t deny that when Elisabeth looks at the book the camera lingers in a way that makes it feel like it’s important. like we’re supposed to notice it. next we have the shot of alt Martha with the bloody hand standing at the mouth of the cave.we have no idea whose blood this is but it does look like this is where the mark on her cheek comes from.

it’s also probably where she ditches the rain coat since it completely covered with blood here. then we see her wake up from a nightmare like we’ve seen the onus and stranger do many times before. she does this twice and it mirrors the beginning of the trailered where we see Jonas and stranger both wake up. the first time we see Marta I think it’s the prime version since she doesn’t have bangs. the second time it’s definitely the alt world since she’s sleeping in the Kahn Wald house and she has the longer hair like she does when she’s wearing the raincoat.

After that we see the alt world gang in front of the cave. from left to right it’s the new character Killian, Bartosz, Magnus, Franciska, and Martha. we see them turn and look towards the cave and then their flashlights start to flicker. in one of the promo pics we see Killian and Martha holding hands at the school and it looks like he’s our boyfriend. in that we can see a missing poster for Erik Oberndorfhanging on the wall. it looks exactly like the one in prime world we don’t know any details about that yet but that’s probably why they’re searching around in the woods at night.

Then there’s a shot of Martha in the woods that mirrors the one of the Jonas after getting separated from Mikke.l there’s a shot of Michael’s suicide note in the box followed by some reverse shots of the bloody rock the police arriving at the bridge and then Martha kissing Jonas again . that cuts through the last shot of the trailer of raincoat Martha turning to look back in front of the cave. this is where the world looks like a desert which i think is in the far future probably 2086 or beyond. so it’s another great trailer the two big reveals are seeing Hannah and Egon together this doesn’t look like a fling this looks like they’re having a relationship we have the origin of the st.

Christopher pendant confirmed and that definitely makes you think about how it ended up on the beach where Jonas and Martha will find it many years later this makes the lady in the lake theory seem even more probable and I’ve never really jumped on the bandwagon of another child I thought they definitely hinted in season two that these two might hook up but seeing the way this is presented here. I wouldn’t put anything past them seeing Katharina with Ulrich is fantastic and there’s just so much tragedy when you think the fact that she’s probably gonna end up on the wrong end of a rock that’s wielded by her own mother just a tough situation all the way around there’s a lot to think about here I’ll probably follow this up with another theory video in a couple of days just like I did with the last couple of trailers.


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I think I’ll end this one here make sure to tell me what you think about this trailer about everything else that’s going on what you’re hoping to see how are your theories shifting are you changing your mind about what you think this is going to happen at the end of the series we only have eight more days to go and thanks for reading.