Full comparison of IPhone 11pro MAX vs iPhone XS MAX

IPhone 11pro MAX very iPhone XS MAX

IPhone 11pro MAX very iPhone XS MAX

hey guys this is the iPhone 11 Pro max in midnight green and in this article we’re gonna compare it to the iPhone 10s max. so this looks really really nice so as you guys know it has the matte finish right on the back and it feels like really smooth let me grab the iPhone 10s max here and like this is like glossy  like it sticks to your finger. This your finger just literally slides off and as you guys know the camera bump as well it’s not matte. it’s glossy there’s no iPhone text on the new one and wow this midnight green color, I’ve got to say that like only at certain angles you can tell that it’s green.

it’s like very very slight it’s not like a real green, that’s more like a Space Gray, but with a little tint. so one thing I could tell right away is the camera bump on the iPhone 10X max is larger. it seems like the iPhone 11 pro max has like a two-step thing with the square and then each little camera each lens has its own bump, which is really awesome. I really like how it looks and looking at the sides it seems like all the buttons got pushed down slightly as you guys can see right here the power button went down just a little bit and so did the SIM card tray right here and on the other side the volume buttons and everything, else just went slightly lower that means your cases might not fit perfectly but this is actually pretty nice because it’s easier to hit the buttons.

Now that they’re a little bit lower, if you guys can see that in the top-down view but you can see how much reflections is on the 10s max and on the front there’s literally nothing that changed like it’s identical on the front with a notch and everything and the new pro max is definitely heavier, I could feel the difference right here in my hands. and here’s another difference there’s actually a difference in the clicking sound when you press the button I don’t know if you guys can hear this but uh well don’t want to do that all right so we’re getting this guy booted up we’re gonna restore it from iCloud backup by the way guys. if you’re getting the new iPhone 11 or their new iPhone 11 Pro or the pro max. we’re actually gonna have a video tutorial on how to backup all your data with either iTunes or iCloud and then also how to reset your old phone.

so you can sell it or trade it in alright so I got the phone set up and before we move into comparing these two phones I want to mention the 18watt fast charger that now comes in the box finally we’re moving away from that crappy 5 watt charger and getting a real fast charger in the box which is amazing alright. so the first thing I want to test out is face ID speed. I got both phones right here and I’m just seeing how fast that little lock turns on actually one thing I’m noticing is that I’m pressing both buttons at the same time and more often than not the iPhone11 pro max is turning the display on a lot quicker than on the 10s max it’s actually very interesting so Apple did say that you get better angles for face ID.

so let’s test it out right now okay both of them didn’t catch it how about now both of them got it just go back a little bit oh that time the 11pro got it Apple did say it works from further away. so let’s test out the 10s max so I’m holding out my hand as far as I can and it’s not even detecting up there you go down locked but there it’s not detecting my face at all let’s test out the 11pro same thing. it’s not detecting my face honestly, I think that was a bunch of marketing because I’m not noticing a difference in distance or angles the new iPhones do have the new a 13 Bionic chip compared to the 812 and iPhone 10s max but you’re not really going to notice that like at least while browsing swiping through they both feel very snappy the difference is going to be in the camera and actually the battery life.

The iPhone 11 pro max is rated for five hours more than the iPhone tennis max and they did that by making a much larger battery. I think it’s almost like eight or nine hundred milli amp hours larger than the 10s max which is really really impressive. so now let’s actually test the performance using the classic Geek bench four so let’s open up Geek bench four we’re actually gonna do Geek bench five as well so cpu benchmark that’s right. so the test finish and as you guys can see there actually is a decent difference coming from the a 12 to the eight 13 coming from around 4,800 to a fifty four hundred and thirteen thousand multi-core this is really impressive. honestly this completely blows away any like Android smartphone the 10s max was already as powerful in raw performance or more powerful than the other Android phones this just takes it to another level.

it’s really awesome and with that I’m gonna go and run the compute graphics benchmark and Wow check out this difference in graphics this is actually really impressive. I was not expecting this much of an improvement seeing as the graphics is actually more efficient this year so with that let’s jump into Greek bench 5 and see how these scores go. so we got the scores back on Geek bench 5 and we’re actually seeing an awesome difference around 50% more multi-core performance.

which I was not expecting this at all seeing as Apple is  more on efficiency than performance. we’re getting so much more performance at least in this raw performance test the display on the iPhone 11 pro is basically identical to the one on the tennis max. it’s just brighter and has better contrast. now looking at it like this I can’t really tell any difference in contrast but what I am gonna do is I’m gonna max out the brightness on both Follett’s and see, if there’s any difference.

I just maxed out the brightness and Wow I can instantly tell the difference, no joke the iPhone 11 Pro max is a lot brighter than the tennis max. so I’m watching a YouTube video and I could instantly tell how much more bright the iPhone 11 Pro max is it looks really really good. I’m actually surprised how much brighter it is than the 10s max.
Now let’s go ahead and test out the speakers to see if they’re louder on the 11 pro max lets start off with the 10s max. so what I’m noticing so far on the iPhone 11 pro max is that you hear more difference between all the little tones like there’s more dynamic range. I guess you can say like whereas this feels a lot more flat the 10s max does okay, there you go that is the big difference.so the iPhone tennis max has all of the highs or a lot of the highs coming from the top speaker but on the iPhone 11 pro max. it’s actually very balanced with the highs from the top and the bottom .

all right so let’s finish off with the cameras as you guys can see here we do get a new UI slightly different on the iPhone 11 Pro max. we used to have this little circle where you can switch between the telephoto and the wide but here we actually have three settings now we have the ultra wide the wide and the telephoto. now the selfie camera got a huge upgrade from 7 megapixels on the tennis max to 12 on the iPhone 11 Pro so let’s go ahead and test out the quality. so I’m gonna put both of these photos on the screen for you guys and just let me know down in the comments if you can tell a difference I also took a portrait selfie and I’m noticing a massive difference so one thing that people complain about on portrait selfies in the past was that your shirt gets blurred out as well as a background, but it looks like Apple reversed that and now your shirt my shirt is fully InFocus. it’s fully detailed so this definitely looks a lot nicer in my opinion now let’s test out the rear-facing portrait mode, I got this plant right here. let’s see what can do a better job at portrait blur edging it’s kind of hard to tell which one looks better on the screen so you guys let me know down below, but the cool thing about the iPhone 11 Pro is that you can shoot portrait photos with the wide lens as well,which you can’t do on the iPhone 10s max even with iOS 13 and just for a measure. I’m going to add in a few more examples of portrait photos .so you guys can look at both of them and see if there are any differences and how much better the iPhone 11 pro max is and finally there’s the new night mode now I’ve been playing around with it for a little bit.
now but notice that it does not work in the ultra wide lens it only works in the wide and the telephoto lenses and it turns on automatically.

so I’m gonna post up a few photo examples of night mode versus the 10s Max’s regular photo without flash and you guys could let me know what differences you see as you guys just saw night mode makes a massive difference when it’s dark and actually turned off night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and I noticed that even with night mode off it’s actually a little bit more sharp with less noise compared to the tennis max I also tested out the ultra wide lens and it seems like the white balance is so much better on the iPhone 11 Pro max compared to the 10s max which was really really cool in this shot specifically. so I think Apple is using the wide lens for all of the white balance and it’s transferring it over to the ultra wide lens and the telephoto lens. so it stays very consistent. and finally let’s finish off with some video recording now Apple did mention that if you’re shooting at 4k 60 you now get extended dynamic range where as on the iPhone 10 s max, it only works up to 4k 30 so you guys can look at both of these clips and see if there’s any difference in dynamic range or quality or anything else.


Alright so there you guys have it those are comparison between the iPhone 10s Max and the iPhone 11 pro max. now we’re going to be doing a lot more comparison tests  and other stuff like that . and check out some of those other articles right there thanks for reading and let us know what you thought about this comparison down in the comment section below.

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