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Best laptop between 50000 to 1lac full information

best laptops between 50000to 1

 I browsed through a lot of laptops of Different Price Categories,From Around 50 thousand to more than lac, One big thing I noticed is that gaming Laptops within the price range of 60 thousand to around 90 thousand Are not really worth.let’s start.


So, Who are you?A student, A student who Play Games, or a business man, A business who play Games. Of Course , they play games Gamers Are Everywhere. Or you can be artist, An creator or You area pure gamer. I am talking about all of this bcoz , The Perfect Laptop For You Depends on Your needs, If you are a student or a business man You Will Need a more portable Laptop, an laptop with Less weight But enough power To Handle Every Day Task, with a bigger battery. The ideal Choice for you WIll be an ultrabook,Which Ultrabook? We’ll come back to it.

2.mi notebook 14

Now let’s say, you are student who Play a lot of games,and don’t have to carry your laptop every day to college, or You are So Strong, You go to Gym Daily, And Weight of the laptop isn’t a big concern for you Or Maybe You are just a pure gamer.The best Choice For you is Of Course a gaming laptop, Which gaming Laptop? We’ll Come Back to it. And for Creators,Gaming Laptops Can work For you , but sometimes you need More Ram than traditional Gaming laptop, Or more Features Like maybe a touchscreen. So we’ll First Start From laptops Around 50 thousand,or maybe little less than that. Right now mi notebook 14 is very popular,I have already made a video on it ,if you are interested, you can check it out by clicking up here. Let’s get back to mi notebook, it’s Probably One of the best laptops for students or a businessman and also if you get bored you can game a on it. It has i5 10th generation processor + Nvidia’sMx250+ 14 inch ips Screen. We will not go deep into its specification. So is this The only option,

3.Asus  Vivobook

There’s a laptop called Asus Vivobook , It has i5 8th generation + nvidia’ mx 230 , maybe a lil old processor,but It has something which mi notebook lacks, An Backlit keyboard, If you Are a student,you’ll probably need to Type in the day as well as in the night,yupp I know that struggle,So I think Asus Vivobook is a more ideal choice. But if you don’t want to compromise on processor generation, then Mi notebook is a also a very good choice, Of course for typing at night, you can turn on your Room lights. Next,For gaming, around the price of 50000there are pretty powerful gaming laptops out there, let me just tell you what you can Expect in this price, an i5 9th generation processor, Nvidia’s Gtx 1650, an SSD is compulsory ,and 8 gb of ram, In my opinion Acer aspire 7 is a very good deal. You get 9th generation intel i5 processor,Nvidia’s Gtx 1650 with 4gb Gddr6 memory, 8 gb of Ram.It price is around 55 thousand also if you are limited to 50 thousand asus vivobook gaming is a great value for money, and I think 55 thousand is really a sweet spot for gaming laptops, I mean you Can’t find any better configuration until you go as high as 90 thousand, you can get that 120 hertz screen by choosing asus tuf fx 505 it also has gtx 1560, for processor it has ryzen 5 3350h, but after that there’s no significant improvement in configuration, if you want more ram you can simply upgrade on one of this laptop and it will be more value for money. There’ option for gtx 1650tiat around 70thousand, but its not worth it. There’s not much noticeable difference between gtx 1650 and gtx 1650ti, you will only 5 or 8 more frame rates. Of Course , for creators , they can opt fori7 version or ryzen 7 version, but for gamers 55 thousand is really a sweet spot.

4.hp pavilion gaming laptop

  I would also like to mention hp pavilion gaming laptop with ryzen 7 and gtx 1660ti max q version at price of 75000. only thing I miss here is it has only 8 gb of ram. But you are smart, you will upgrade the ram Right, yes you can but it has two sticks of 4 gb ram instead of 1 stick of 8 gb ram , so if you want to upgrade it to 16 gb, you will have to remove those both sticks. And also the screen don’t support higher refresh rates. If you like the video so far, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up.

5.Mi notebook horizon

For students, If we talk about a laptop around60,000 .Mi notebook horizon with i7 10th generation , and nvidia’s Mx 350 , Is a very good option,and also there’s asus vivobook 14 with i7 version , like I said it has backlit keyboard. And also inbuilt camera. Now if You don’t care about game , and you have to carry your laptop daily to office or college and you want a really really light laptop ,then you should check out lg gram 14 , I won’t say it best value for money,but it is very light , less than 1 kg. Upto 80 90 thousand you will find Ultrabooks with 8 gb of ram , same as the ultrabooks in 50 60 thousand rupees, you might get dual screen feature, but most of us will be happy with single screen, Now if you have a budget of more than 90 thousand,I would really recommend you to take a look at Msi Prestige, the laptop has a very premium build , it has intel’s i7 8th generation processor, 16 gb of DDr4 ram, nvidia’s mx150 for graphics, and a 512 GB of ssd. And it weigh just under 1.2 kg. Other option we have is Hp pavilion X360 1026tx,it is convertible laptop , it will give you the feeling of hp spectre, which are way more costly. It has intel i7 10th generation processor,nvidia’s Mx 250 for graphics, 16 Gigabytes of ddr4 ram and 512 gb of ssd, and of course it is a touch screen laptop. Hp pavilion is really a very balanced laptop and maybe the best choice around 1 lac.

6.acer predator hellos 300

Now coming to gaming laptop, if you are spending more than 90 on a gaming laptop, you should at least expect gtx 1660ti and an 144 hertz it’s screen. My favourite in this price is acer predator hellos 300, this laptop is king of gaming laptop under 90 thousand , it has intel i59th generation processor, gtx 1660ti with 6 gb od gddr6 memory for graphics, and an144 hertz screen, it has 256 gb of ssd and 1 tb of hard disk. If you are creator and want i7 then there’smsi GF 65 ,it has intel’s i7 9 th generation processor, gtx 1660 ti for gpu, a 512 gb ofssd, and an 144 hertz ips screen. I couldn’t find better value for money laptop than this , its probabaly most powerful laptop under 1 lack.


So that’s all from my side, tell me in the comment section if you know any other better laptops or feel free to ask any question,and if you Found this article  helpful don’t forget to Give us a thumbs up, share with your friends who might be thinking about getting a new laptop. Stay home ,stay safe.

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